Saturday, August 13, 2011

BlogCrush Meet Up at OC Great Park

Remember when you were a kid and how easy it was to make friends? You see a new kid, you run up and say, “Hey, let’s go check out that (insert kid thing here)!!” then suddenly you’ve got a BF/explorer buddy. It doesn’t work that way for adults. Making friends can be hard… unless you’re a Blog Crush blogger.

BlogCrush is a rapidly growing group of OC bloggers (founded by @Suzbroughton and @marcymassura) who meet up several times a year to socialize, sample food, test products and experience much of what our lovely Orange County has to offer. Then we blog about it, making friends while doing it all. Serious fun.

The most recent event was hosted by OC Great Park and Razor. Kids tested Razor’s latest products: Bogo, Graffiti, and my son’s favorite: the eSpark electric scooter, which is now top on his wish list for Christmas. Talk about sparks flying! He’s actually dreaming about his future scooter.

Remember how I mentioned kids making friends so easily? The BlogCrush kids formed an instant pack as they rode throughout the park on a scavenger hunt, chasing down clues to win the hottest razor products.

While the kids rode the park scavenging for scooter booty, Boyfriend Bob and I toured the new art gallary featuring an eclectic display of oil paintings and whimsical sculptures.

Bob loves all things aeronautical and I happen to fancy Luis Vuitton, so this art show spoke to both our hearts. ;-)

We all gave this family event a big thumbs up.  Good friends, good fun provided by Blog Crush, Razor and the OC Great Park made it a perfect OC summer evening....didn’t even need a sweater.

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  1. beautiful photos! that last one is perfection!