Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jamie Cullum takes me for a spin

ever have a song stick with you and become a part of who you are?  Gran Torino is one of those songs for me. its melancholy minor chords hit my soul and make me stop what i'm doing, close my eyes, breath in slowly and set my mind to float in the solo existence of a divorced woman.

i can relate to the theme of loneliness, so i feel this song gets me.

i spent several years in a mental cave of solitude after my apocalyptic divorce several years ago.  now i've emerged from the cave, i'm out and about meeting new people and experiencing lots of new things.  it's good to be in this new place outside the cave, checking out the surroundings.

this song reminds me of my past. i look back on my loneliness and understand where i was and how i got there. i'm continually resolved to looking forward with a positive outlook, enjoy life and be a good role model for my kids. 

some people say don't look back. i say, "Look back and learn from your past, then close that book and make new chapters in your life with better choices, filled with better people who are uplifting, encouraging, and possess a solid moral compass.  Because if you're traveling with good people, your road is bound to be a happier journey, no matter what bumps come along the way."

now, all that being said, i'm tickled pink because i just bought tickets to go see this talented artist, Jamie Cullum, perform at the John Anson Ford Amphitheatre in a few weeks. don't know who i'm taking yet, but you know it'll be a good soul.

Rock on!

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