Friday, July 2, 2010

soup for the funked out soul

I found myself in a bit of a funk today.
My son hugged me goodbye then waved as the car pulled away.
His smile through the windshield both warmed and broke my heart.
Holidays alone tear a mother apart.
                                                        Rocky Road 7.1.10 

I found myself alone and I was aching for being surrounded by family. I missed my daughter away at college and my son away with his dad. Some moms vocally crave their alone time, but I feel an emptiness when they’re both gone. I’m experiencing empty nest syndrome every other weekend. Divorce does that to me, but I won’t let it keep me down for long. 

I cried a few hot, unexpected tears in the bathroom at work, put on my game face, walked out of the stall and decided to snap out of it the best way I know how: Distraction. Humor. Farce. Bowling for Soup. 

I turned on Pandora and let the lovely lunacy of their lyrics seep into my being. I was cleansed by their unique brand of irreverence. I laughed to myself as i listened and did the work of an office drone.
When this song came on I knew I'd found the perfect tool to kick my gloomy mood to the curb.

“…I’m gonna feel sorry for myself
I want to blame it on everyone else
I want to be self centered
And make everybody feel sorry for me.”

Rock on.

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