Tuesday, June 15, 2010

man, i needed this mani-pedi

i got a mani-pedi on my lunch break today (maybe in anticipation of a possible date in my future?).  every time i go to the salon and go through the ritual of turning down the $65.00 luxury pedicure, and politely declining the little flower and rhinestone added to my big toe, it reminds me of this comedy clip. have you seen it?

i like taking in my own color when i get my nails done, so this is what i used on my toes.  It's OPI's Dress to Empress. OPI's website says it's a Japanese red, but to me, i see shades of deep coral, which is my favorite shade of summer.  Coral is the new Pink...or rather, the grown up version of Pink. Pink is for newborn babies, girl bikes with streamers on the handles and preteen bedroom walls.

Coral is for women of style, ladies of class and drama. It's for women who love wearing sandals and being outdoors.  i'm just sayin' that i think this stuff rocks my rocky road and my toes will look glam as i make my journey in style.

rock on.


  1. I love this video! Made me snort. Hey I see your a fellow blog crusher! Will you be at the ball?

  2. I am most definitely going to the ball ! what self respecting dreamer would stay home from a Ball? That'd be sacrilege!

    ...shining my tiara as we speak...