Saturday, June 19, 2010

what a mom does for love

the things i do for my boy....instead of paying bills, and doing laundry, i find myself brushing up on my Super Mario trivia. i can only impress him with burps and potty humor for so long.

i've never been a gamer. using the thumb controls to make pixelated characters jump forward and run through worlds has always given me a headache. in fact, i'm surprised i ever got a smart phone with a keypad.  i only did that as an emergency measure to keep in contact with my teen daughter.  
trust me on this, you young mothers of toddlers and tweens.  when they hit puberty and are given deoderant and a cell phone, your life will change.  the kids will text you from the other room instead of coming to ask what's for dinner.
but i digress. time to go learn more about Luigi and Mario while i practice my Italian accent.  
saying, "Luuuuuuigi" and "Maaaaario" in a long, drawn out fake Italian accent is almost as fun as burping to make my kid giggle.

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  1. Ha, that's fantastic! If you ever need some pointers, I'm a Mario expert (especially the old school kind) ;)